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It is my distinguished honor and privilege to be elected as the president of the Chinese American Pathologists Association (CAPA) for 2016-2017. Thank you for your support and trust!

CAPA has become an internationally recognized organization within the pathology community, thanks to the strong leadership and strategic visions of our past presidents; dedication from our current and past executive committee members, subcommittee chairs, co-chairs and members; and strong support from our active members.

I would like to express my special thanks to Dr. Fan Lin for his strong leadership and to his leadership team and many active members for their hard work and outstanding contribution to CAPA. We have achieved numerous milestones in CAPA’s history in the past year as listed in Dr. Lin’s CAPA Annual Report and we had another historic and successful gathering in Seattle. I would like to thank our sponsors, distinguished friends in pathology from China, all CAPA members and friends for your generous support and contribution to the great CAPA community.

As we move into the next year, I look forward to working with our leadership teams and active members to continue the great CAPA programs and to implement new ones as listed below.

1. To organize the First CAPA Companion Meeting at 2016 CAP Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

2. To organize the Second CAPA Diagnostic Pathology Course in Houston

3. To co-organize the Second CAPA-Beijing Pathology Symposium in Beijing

4. To co-organize the Third China-US Pathology Symposium in San Antonio

5. To organize speakers for the 2016 Chinese Society of Pathology Meeting in Hefei (Anhui)

6. To host the 15th CAPA Annual Meeting in San Antonio in 2017

7. To foster collaboration with other national and international pathology societies

8. To overhaul and reconstruct CAPA website

9. To publish quarterly CAPA eNewsletter and case of the month

10. To amend the CAPA bylaws

11. To conduct 2017 CAPA election

12. To establish subspecialty subcommittees

13. To recruit new members, validate and organize CAPA membership databases

We are CAPA and we are connected. Together as a team, we will make CAPA a stronger and better organization in the coming years. Again, thank you for your support!

Sincerely yours,

Huamin Wang, MD, PhD
CAPA President, 2016-2017
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX