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Dear CAPA Members,

It is my great honor and privilege to serve you as the CAPA president for 2017-2018. Since its establishment in 2003, and with continuous and collective efforts from our presidents, officers of all subcommittees, and all active members, CAPA has become a nationally and internationally recognized pathologist organization with over?600 members today.

CAPA consists of a very broad membership in both academic and private practice, in both AP and CP, with experienced and “young” pathologists. ?As a group, we are extremely accomplished, with many nationally and internationally known pathologists and tenured professors in major medical centers. ?We have had members serve as department chairs and directors for anatomic pathology in top US/Canadian universities, directors for residency and fellowship programs across the country, and directors/business owners in various settings of private practices. ??

The #1 mission of CAPA is to serve our members. ?As we move forward, I will work with the president-elect Dr. Gong, newly elected EC members, all subcommittees, and all members towards the following goals:


1) To continue the existing CAPA programs including the third CAPA diagnostic Pathology Course (Chicago, Aug 19-20, 2017); the third CAPA-Beijing Pathology Symposium (Beijing, Sep 2-3, 2017); the second CAPA Companion Meeting at 2017 CAP (National Harbor, Oct 7-11, 2017); the CAPA companion meeting at Chinese Pathology Society Annual Meeting (Suzhou, Oct 26-29, 2017).

2) To create new programs including the first CAPA Pathology Symposium in China (Dali, Oct 21-22, 2017); and the first CAPA Companion Meeting at 2018 USCAP (Vancouver, March 2018); and online educational courses both in US and China.


1) To improve our website and create a member-only area where we can share our interesting cases, great photos, travel tips, cooking recipes, and more.

2) To continue our quarterly newsletters with news from our members, reports from each subcommittee, interesting cases, great photos, best recipes, etc.

Other Missions

1) To re-organize CAPA subcommittees with special mentoring subcommittee for our junior members and chapters for each subspecialty.

2) To work with national and international pathology societies, including subspecialty pathology societies, and promote bigger roles of our members in these societies.

3) To continue grow with new members and more sponsorships.


Together, anything is possible. ?Let’s get to work.


Ping Tang, MD, PhD

CAPA President 2017-2018

Professor and Director of Breast Pathology
University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY