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The Chinese Society of Pathology (CSP) Annual Meeting will take place in He’fei, China, November 24-27, 2016. As we did in previous years, CAPA is calling for five speakers from the CAPA community for this Chinese national meeting. The meeting organizer has given the following specific topics to avoid overlap with the other speakers at this meeting.

1. 胸部学组:非胸腺瘤和淋巴瘤的纵膈少见疾病的诊断与鉴别诊断(1位,分会场发言,时间20‐30分钟)

2. 细胞病理:最新宫颈细胞学TBS分类(1位,分会场发言,时间20‐30分钟)

3. 骨软组织:骨软组织肿瘤分子病理诊断与治疗相关的新进展(1位,分会场发言,时间20‐30分钟)

4. 淋巴造血:讲座内容是关于淋巴瘤病理诊断的一些新进展,不是与治疗、预后有关的进展(1位,分会场发言,时间20‐30分钟)。

5. 女性生殖:除子宫内膜癌和卵巢甲状腺肿以外;妇科疾病病理诊断与鉴别诊断新进展相关内容(1位,分会场发言,时间20‐30分钟)

The speaker candidate should be a regular or life time member of CAPA. As requested by the organizer of CSP meeting, the speakers should be an associate professor or professor (or its equivalent) at an academic institution. If you are interested to give a talk at this meeting, please pick one of the titles listed above and email the title, a short abstract of your talk, and your short biography or CV to Dr. Yun Gong, co-Chair of Education Committee (yungong@mdanderson.org). The deadline for submission is July 26, 2016. The final selection of the speakers will be made by the CAPA Education Committee, Executive Committee, and the corresponding CSP subcommittees.

Similar to last year’s meeting, the meeting will cover the registration fee, one way air or train ticket from any city inside China to Hefei, one way air or train ticket from Hefei to any city inside China, meals and hotel for the meeting. However the meeting will not pay for international travel for the selected speakers.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this important meeting. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

CAPA Education Committee